B is for Bridges #atozchallenge


2016-03-10 23.15.08 Tower Bridge, easily the most famous of London’s bridges and the only open to rise up, from London bridge

Day two and we focus on the magnificence of the river that curvves through London, the Thames.

Or rather on its crossings. There are 33 Bridges once the Thames becomes tidal at Teddington, many miles inland from the sea and there are plenty more as the river slows to a trickle out in Gloucestershire. For today we will look at a few in central London.

2016-03-16 15.16.08 Hungerford Bridge on the north bank; today is is always busy with tourists

Crossing the Thames is easy. There are two footbridges: the Millennium or wobbly bridge (so named after 200,000 people climbed onto it at its opening and the engineers realised it wasn’t as stable as it needed to be so immediately closed it for two years – this is after all the country that…

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