AtoZ Challenge: “I” is for Interact Communications

Midlife Counts

FYI: I am a 2016 participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge, where we blog daily in April. GREAT experience. Highly recommend it.

I applied for a copy writing position at #Interact Communications in La Crosse, Wis. today. It’s an agency that focuses specifically on marketing for two-year and community colleges.

I was excited to see this posting on the Indeed (job site) updates I receive via email. I noted it late last week  and wanted to get my materials in promptly, because the position is a good fit.

In recent years, I worked for an ad agency where we did client work for a two-year college as well as a university. Programs and offerings vary from one to another, and so do goals, of course. But I have the experience in marketing to traditional and non-traditional students as well as pitching some story ideas to the media, writing annual reports…

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