Ellie the Elegant Elephant

To Wonder at Beauty

Today is the day for the letter e in the A to Z Blog Challenge

For today’s offering I have a painting of Ellie the Elegant Elephant


Ellie says, “Trunks up, ladies, when you drink your tea.”  I’m sure she would lift her pinkie if she could, but it’s all kind of fused together.

I just got a Wacom tablet this weekend and am trying to get used to using it.  Here’s my attempt to draw/paint Ellie on it using Sketchbook Pro.  I found what looks like a good tutorial.  I couldn’t even figure out how to change the shape of the “canvas,”although you can’t really tell here, there’s a bunch of white space on the right.

ellie the elegant elephant1

I think it will be fun to use, once I figure it out.  And it’s good for my brain, I think.

And that’s it for today–thanks for stopping by.

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