Perplexed – #poetry #aprpad

Promptly Written

Prompt: pick an emotion, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem


Explain to me, if you will
how you wormed your way
into my life – I am guarded
against you wandering types
and the lies you tell

What ruse did you use
to captivate my attention?
Surely not those batting eyes
or that seductive smile
I’d catch on to those

Maybe it was the sly shift
from seduction to intellect
You charmed me with brains
knocked the wind out of me
with your witty repartee

Now that you are here
perhaps I will play along
match you tit for tat
just don’t expect my heart
to willingly be broken

You’ve peaked my curiosity
I’m no stranger to the whims
of a flutterby such as you
I know the day will come
when we part ways

‘Til then, I will wait and see

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