AtoZ Challenge: “J” is for Job Sites

Midlife Counts

Note: I am participating in the 2016 AtoZ Blogging Challenge. It’s the 7th consecutive year, and it began with just 100 bloggers. This year, there are more than 1,700 signed up for the challenge to blog almost daily in April. For more information,

J is for job sites. I have my favorites, but in recent days, started thinking that I bet I could find some additional ones.

I visited and found Best Job Search Engine Sites (updated March 7, 2016) – is listed first. This is my go-to site. I forgot about another one on the list, Simply Hired, and also U.S. Jobs.

I am not familiar with — apparently, this site searches jobs posted on company websites to add to their list (rather than employers posting to the sites).

Meandering around and their career section, I found some other sites I’m going to look into: Career…

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