Katrina and The Waves

Zulu Delta 45

A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib13 pizza

                                                            The #13

So, there I was siting in a Pizza place my first night in Narvik, Norway, and as I awaited my #13 Pizza (with ham, chicken, onions, and peppers) I began to search the building for something that might tell me more about the town I just arrived in. A picture, a card for a cab company, a “Wanted” poster; anything.

A few seconds went by, and I instantly began to think my quest would fail. Suddenly, I spotted a large poster by the door. I got up and went to check it out. It was for an upcoming summer concert in Norway; “Stars of the Eighties.” The lead band would be none other than Katrina and The Waves. I…

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