#AtoZChallenge Visitors from Beyond – Escaping the Eddimu

Stephanie Ingram

White ghost appears in the forest's mistAccording to Wikipedia, the eddimu were a type of utukku in Sumerian religion. They were envisioned as the ghosts of those who were not buried properly and were considered vengeful toward the living.

White shapes gathered under the moonlight. They floated effortlessly between the trees, reflecting the light as they moved. Arms outstretched, they hovered closer. They had no eyes but yet they seemed to see.

Maggie drew back from the window and yanked the heavy drapes closed. As usual, the old, drafty house was cold. No matter how much she turned up the heat or how many logs she added to the fireplace, she knew she would never feel warm here. It had been that way since Ethan died, only lately, it had been getting worse.

The ringing of the phone caught her off guard and made her stumble into an end table. With a stifled moan, she grabbed the receiver and…

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AtoZ Challenge: “I” is for Interact Communications

Midlife Counts

FYI: I am a 2016 participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge, where we blog daily in April. GREAT experience. Highly recommend it.

I applied for a copy writing position at #Interact Communications in La Crosse, Wis. today. It’s an agency that focuses specifically on marketing for two-year and community colleges.

I was excited to see this posting on the Indeed (job site) updates I receive via email. I noted it late last week  and wanted to get my materials in promptly, because the position is a good fit.

In recent years, I worked for an ad agency where we did client work for a two-year college as well as a university. Programs and offerings vary from one to another, and so do goals, of course. But I have the experience in marketing to traditional and non-traditional students as well as pitching some story ideas to the media, writing annual reports…

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Butterfly Cakes


Now let’s be honest, who hasn’t at one point in their lives made these delightful little Butterfly Cakes? A perfect quick bake especially if baking with children.

I used my favourite Victoria Sponge recipe for the Butterfly Cakes but also included a little twist in a hidden surprise…now don’t get too excited it was only a spoonful of jam but mixed with the vanilla icing was delish!!  I used jam as I had some to use up but you could just as easily use lemon curd or even marmalade.

What you need:IMG_2035

For the cakes (makes approx 24)

225g soft butter
225g caster sugar
225g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
4 large eggs

For the filling and topping

About 4 tbsp raspberry or strawberry jam
5oz butter, softened
10oz icing sugar, with a little for dusting
1-2tbsp milk
Flavouring if required (I used some vanilla essence)

What you…

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#atozchallenge – Canvas Sky

Life's Little Surprises


Bright colors are splattered everywhere

Is that the sun or maybe the moon

What is that flying high

Is that a cow, I wonder how

The meadow is full of lush green grass

I’d like to know why

The cow chose to jump

Instead of wallowing in the rye

Wouldn’t know unless she gave it a try

To reach the colorful canvas of the sky

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A-Z Challenge 2016: B for Bold

This is Another Story

Be Bold Quote

I think this is a great quote. Very inspiring and motivational. I just wish I’m brave and bold enough to listen to my own heart.

In the meantime, this quote reminds me a lot of this song. It’s one of my favorite songs. Hope you all enjoy your Saturdays.

Click here to catch up on my latest A to Z Challenge entries. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Baking (A-Z Challenge)

Dare To Live Courageously...


One of my favorite things to do is bake desserts.  Eating them is even better but let’s stick to baking since B is the letter of the day.  By age 5 I was in the kitchen helping my mom with baking and I’ve loved it ever since because it’s one of my many creative outlets that I need.

Many people think baking is hard but the way I look at it is that if you can read, you can bake.  Same goes for cooking 😛  The recipes are laid out simply step by step that all you need to do is to follow along.  Baking is chemistry using precise measurements for some things and not so precise for others.  One tip when putting it in the oven, if the recipe says bake for 12-15 minutes, always set your timer and start at the first number so in this case, 12…

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B is for Bridges #atozchallenge


2016-03-10 23.15.08 Tower Bridge, easily the most famous of London’s bridges and the only open to rise up, from London bridge

Day two and we focus on the magnificence of the river that curvves through London, the Thames.

Or rather on its crossings. There are 33 Bridges once the Thames becomes tidal at Teddington, many miles inland from the sea and there are plenty more as the river slows to a trickle out in Gloucestershire. For today we will look at a few in central London.

2016-03-16 15.16.08 Hungerford Bridge on the north bank; today is is always busy with tourists

Crossing the Thames is easy. There are two footbridges: the Millennium or wobbly bridge (so named after 200,000 people climbed onto it at its opening and the engineers realised it wasn’t as stable as it needed to be so immediately closed it for two years – this is after all the country that…

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A to Z Challenge. B is for Bloggers Open House. 

Random Musings And Wanderlust


Ok folks it’s that time again!

Bloggers Open House. 

Use this post to share a link to your site, or blog post you would like to have a little more traffic to.

The Blog community is a generous one, and what better way to show my thanks and support to all of you wonderful bloggers, than to open my humble page to your posts and pages.

I have often found new, interesting, and quite diverse array of blogs just by browsing the comment section of a blog I already follow.

You never know what you might stumble across through this thread. Or the A to Z Challenge thread as well. 

So my fellow bloggers take a moment, drop a link, or even share another bloggers page that you are quite fond of. This will be kept open throughout A to Z, and maybe even reused again during one of the…

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