A-Z Challenge 2016: B for Bold

This is Another Story

Be Bold Quote

I think this is a great quote. Very inspiring and motivational. I just wish I’m brave and bold enough to listen to my own heart.

In the meantime, this quote reminds me a lot of this song. It’s one of my favorite songs. Hope you all enjoy your Saturdays.

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A for Abandon…

Soul mate's - so near, yet so far

For #AtoZ Challenge: 

OldHousesweb oldhouseweb.com

Why you left me all alone??
Left me for the other one
See what you have done to me
You turned and left
Leaving me with broken walls of dreams and memories
Your sweet memories…
Once, I was full of life and energy
Gleaming with your love
And standing strong beneath the shining sun
Giving you warmth, care and love of home
Entrusting your laughter and sorrows
Helping you to rest well
And see beautiful dreams
But, when your dreams fulfilled
You left me behind…
Left me alone, shatter and broken
But still I have a hope
Hope, that one day you will be back
Searching for your old memories.

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