Elephants #atozchallenge #haiku

penned in moon dust

elephants in the sunrise

some just see ivory

great strides to let them be free

content to walk in line


joining the herd

sun rises over our resolve

protect the young


It is sad to think that man is the elephant’s primary predator.  Because of a love for ivory trinkets and slow rates of reproduction, elephants are at risk for extinction.

Today at Poet’s United the prompt is citizenship.

What is our role as a citizen in these times?

visit  the wildlife conservation blog for more info.

“Elephant Silhouette” (Pen drawing  layered over photo)

copyright  Moondust Designs 2016

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A is for the Ancient World

Sukanya Ramanujan

So the A to Z blogging challenge has begun and where I live it is already Saturday 2nd April. But I know that there are still some parts of the world (even if it’s just a smudge of the Pacific ocean) where it’s still the 1st so better late than never.

This is my third year taking up the challenge and I’m happy to say that I’ve completed the last two years successfully (and hopefully this one as well) though it’s already off to a shaky start. But never mind all that!

My theme for this year (I’ll try and stick to this as much as possible) is the Ancient World- I didn’t get the chance to do a theme reveal so I thought I’d make my first post about the theme.

As many of you may know I love Ancient Rome and I thought I’d write about it and…

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